Indoor odor is one of the unpleasant causes of indoor pollution. By taking deodorizing measures, the indoor environment can be improved, and it is possible to provide a comfortable indoor space for visiting customers and families.

Antibacterial and antiviral measures in restaurants and public facilities give users a sense of safety and security.

Photocatalyst M-Clean will solve indoor measures. Deodorant measures, formaldehyde measures, antibacterial and antiviral measures are possible.

For example, use in such a place


High deodorant, antibacterial, and antiviral measures are possible by using photocatalysts, deodorizing coating agents, anti-mold agents, etc. in restaurants, public building toilets, indoors, and homes.

By using a photocatalyst that alleviates odors and a deodorant coating agent or anti-mold agent as a strong indoor deodorizing measure, you will be able to use it as a comfortable space.

Long-term deodorant and antibacterial measures can be expected in restaurants, public facilities, schools, nursing homes, nursery schools, etc.


Flow of photocatalyst construction

Technicians perform photocatalyst construction from high-pressure washing and dirt removal to construction confirmation work.

  1. Field survey
  2. Scaffold erection or aerial work platform
  3. Cleaning/dirt removal
  4. Wipe with chrothes
  5. The Basecoat application (Some time)
  6. Photocatalyst M-Clean application
  7. Drying/Curing
  8. ATP test
  9. Delivery