About Visible reaction type of photocatalyst

The photocatalyst was reacted to only ultraviolet rays and it is enough photocatalysis reaction at the out door or direct irradiated surface to photocatalyst coating surface.
However, the photocatalyst cannot that reaction where does not have any window in a room or in a room at night when only a fluorescent light had a source of light, because in the room, it does not the amount of light enough for photocatalysis reaction. Therefore it not has much effect on anti-bacterial, self-cleaning, etc.

Our company has developed new visible ray reaction type of photocatalyst fluid that could be enough to photocatalysis reaction by fluorescent light more effecter than UV ray reaction type. Therefore it using location is expanded and brings a marked improvement.


The light is different name according to wavelength. An ultraviolet strength is 2 - 3 mW/cm2 include in the sunlight. The ultraviolet strength is reduced several micrometer W/cm2 at an indoor. It diminution is about thousandth part.
In current using photocatalyst is reacted with UV light. Usual light is inclusive Ultra Violet ray. The photocatalysis wavelength is using under 387 nm. However it has only 3 % of the amount of fluorescent light.
New type of M-Clean is react by wavelength of visible light. It can be catalysis within 550 nm and under. Wavelength of 550 nm is color of blue. It is include 20 - 25% of fluorescent light. Therefore New type M-Clean photocatalysis is higher than until now photocatalyst.


Spectral distribution and Reaction wavelength

Spectral distribution of sunlight:

Spectral distribution of sunlight is through a prism and separates to spectrum. Chart of spectral distribution is the ultraviolet rays include a lot.

Spectral distribution of a fluorescent light:

A wavelength color rough range is blue, green and orange form a fluorescent light and include amount of ultraviolet ray is within 3 %. M-5 can be reacted wavelength is blue and include 20 - 25 %.

Usable quantum

Usable quantum

Different effect

Following photo is checked photocatalysis power parallel between UV reacting type and Visible light reacting type.
Both of them were the same condition and exposed by only fluorescent light.
Decomposed effect
Photocatalysis of visible light type is high-performance and high degradable than UV reacting type. It using wavelength area is expanded more than UV type. Photocatalysis speed has 5 times and more until now.