Photocatalyst M-Clean has various features.

High efficiency of the Photo-Catalyst Product.

  • It constructs a relatively high amount of micrometer convex.
  • The applied coating is extremely precise when applied on base materials.

Coating dries out at normal temperatures

  • The coating is simple to apply requiring minimal equipment.
  • Does not require any form of heat application.

Product(s) is/are capable of coating various materials / surfaces

  • Capable of coating materials which do not have chemical resistant material surfaces.

Semi permanent effect

  • The dried out film coating binds / infuses to the treated surface and is difficult to remove via normal cleaning methods

Easy application method

  • Coating can be applied onto various surfaces via spray painting, brush or roller paint method(s).

High transparency

  • Coating can be applied onto Glass or any other non-chemical based transparent surfaces.

Reaction to visible light

  • Coating has a high amount of Photo-Catalectic activity.

Super hydrophilic effect

  • After application, treated surface will show super-hydrophilic effect on any shape or any high grade transparency coated surface ie. glass parts and / or several other high grade materials.