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Name M-8G Reaction of wevelength Ultraviolet [UV] radiation Product features Ultraviolet reaction type of photocatalysis effect. Applied M-8G surface is high transparency. It [...]

Gymnastic hall (bare concrete wall)

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Usage products Application method Concrete protective agent Application by roller M-6 for Outdoor Air spray coating M-7 for indoor Air spray [...]

Sewage-disposal plant

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Usage products Application method M-5 for external wall Air spray coating M-6 for window Air spray [...]


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Name M-6 Reaction of weve length Ultraviolet [UV] radiation Product features M-6 is high transparency coating fluid. Coated surface can be showed super hydrophilic properties [...]


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Name: M-1 Reaction of weve length: Ultraviolet [UV] radiation Product features: M-1 coated surface is make a lot of submicrometer concavity and convexity. They can make [...]


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Name M-1S Reaction of weve length Visible radiation Product features M-1S is used for clothes materials. It impregnate diluted M-1S with clothes. Then this clothes spin dry [...]