antifouling effect

M-Clean can be cleared way several external wall’s contamination every day. e.g., bird dropping, mold, moss and rain-dropped pollution. M-Clean coated surface is show self-cleaning effect. This building is kept going surface cleaning condition.

【Antifouling effect application】
All external wall – self-cleaning for bard dropping, raindrop pollution, anti-mold, etc.
Windows, advertising display – cost down maintenance costs.
Real estate, investment instrument – Appearance preservation, value preservation

 Odor eliminating & Deodorization

M-Clean can be decomposed several odors of gas condition.
e.g. pet animal’s smell, food scraps smell, VOC gas and so on. M-Clean coated area would be able to keep up delightful and comforting place every day.

【Odor eliminating & Deodorization Application】
Hotel passenger room – Tabaco smell, body smell, pet animal’s smell
Eating and drinking place – bathroom, premise’s smell,
Meeting place – tabaco smell, body smell

 air cleanup

M-Clean coated surface has air cleaning ability that is similar of tree purification capacity. In indoor room, M-Clean can clear away volatile organic compound (VOC) and several odor everyday.

Photocatalysis air cleanup image

【Air cleanup application】
External wall - smoke-emitting contamination, forestation
Interior - air purification effect, prevention of contamination
new construction, remade house – sick building syndrome provision


M-Clean is effectively protected from virus and bacterial for child and aged person with weak defense power.
M-Clean can use to produce an effect for hospital, school, senior care home and several indoor places. M-Clean also can cost down for maintenance and operation.

【Anti-bacterial application】
Hospital, senior care home - hospital infection provision, odor eliminating
Kindergarten, private cramming school – flu provision, customer satisfaction improvement
Theater, eatery - infection prevention, odor eliminating for ex- user