• New and remodeled buildings or new furnishings are used to include several chemical substance a lot. e.g. paint, adhesive agent, chipboard and so on.
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (Abbr: VOC) are cause of sick building syndrome
  • Recent building materials are controlled volume of discharge of VOC. However these materials are not stopped to use VOC substance. So after 3 – 5 years ago, VOC gas is given off by several building materials. Why could not give out VOC until 3 – 5 years, because VOC using building materials are mixed some VOC absorption agent. This absorption agent had been absorbed VOC until 3 years.
  • After that, it cannot absorb any VOC or it release to air in a room. This problem is became a big problem in the world include Japan.
  • Photocatalyst M-Clean (type of MV-6 or Oder eliminating fluid) can be decomposed and absorbed several VOC gas. These products are made up safety space for human.

Sick building syndrome

After M-Clean application, this room can be reduced formaldehyde gas of 1/5.


  • Agitate oneself

  • Act cranky

  • Break a sweat

  • Chronically general fatigue

  • Feel heavy in the head

  • Hurt one's eyes

  • Visual abnormality

  • Have a ringing in the ears

  • Burn of face

  • Heart goes thumpity

  • Hard to breathe

  • Choke up

  • Feeling of sickness

  • Lose one's appetite

  • Have diarrhea or astriction

  • Back problem

  • Palsy

  • Lower body become chilled

Causative substance

Chemical name Danger to public health
FormaldehydeCough, feel chest pain, Asthma, Chronic respiratory failure
TolueneCentral nervous system damage
XyleneCentral nervous system damage
ParadichlorobenzeneVigorous stimulation for membrane
StyreneBrain and liver dysfunction
ChlorpyrifosCentral nervous system damage
Phthalate compoundGenital disease
Ethyl benzeneLiver and kidney dysfunction

Generation source

Generation sourceGenerated VOC gas
Wax, CleanerFormaldehyde, Toluene
TabacoFormaldehyde, Acetaldehyde
Open burning appliancesFormaldehyde, Acetaldehyde
Furniture, Carpet, MattressFormaldehyde, Acetaldehyde
PaintFormaldehyde, Acetaldehyde
Beauty product, hair sprayFormaldehyde, Acetaldehyde
Agricultural chemicalsXylene, Allethrin, Permethrin, Fenitrothion, Fenthion, Malathion, so on