Decomposed effect

  • Photocatalyst M-Clean haa a feature of two photocatalysis properties. One of them is high decompose effect. This decompose effect is able to remove stains from several surface. Following photograph is decomposed organic substance (blue ink) condition.

Photograph of photocatalysis decompose effect

(Decomposed blue ink by photocatalysis effect)

Super hydrophilic property

  • Another of them is super hydrophilic property. This property is that rain gets into under some blot or oil, then rain water striked up them. After that blot or oil is sweep away with rain water .

Photograph of super hydrophilic condition

(Left side: Hydrophilic condition with photocatalysis effect)

High transparency

  • M-Clean is able to apply on glass, window and several transparency plastics. Uaual photocatalyst coating fluid cannot apply on these materials, because of become clouded by photocatalyst. M-Clean can be used for several transparency materials and lustrous materials

M-Clean coated condition

(Applied M-Clean on the glass of right side from center)